I’m a New York-based photographer currently living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I’m thankful that my work allows me to pursue my passion for traveling and photographing what I see along the way. I have been documenting wedding days since 2003 and I’ve had the privilege of photographing ceremonies across the globe, from Iceland to Indonesia, the UK to the UAE and beyond. It’s a journey that’s given me the opportunity to connect with incredible people worldwide, and share in the many different ways they celebrate. Each time, my goal is the same: to capture their day purely, joyfully, and honestly.

In addition to my wedding work, I’m involved in a number of projects close to my heart. Having studied Photomedia and Journalism in school, my greatest passion has long been documentary work—uncovering forgotten stories and sharing them with the world. In 2015, I completed a short film about 99-year-old WWII POW survivor Harold Martin, who spent two years as a slave during the construction of the Burma Thai Railway. (You can read more about it, here.) I believe my passion for storytelling, my fine arts background, and my editorial eye have lent me a unique perspective on documenting weddings—it’s what gives my photos the intimate, in-the-moment feel that’s become my trademark.

When my schedule allows, I love to teach, and I speak regularly at workshops and conferences the world over. 

Though I was born and raised in Western Australia, I moved to New York City in 2013. And while I prefer the sea, stars, and untouched greenery to city lights and skyscrapers, I’m happy to be experiencing life in a new corner of the world. My cats, crafts, and an ever-growing collection of plants help it feel like home - and its constant opportunities to explore.

For updates on my work, follow my blog. To get in touch about a wedding - or just to say hello - write mail@sammblake.com.