Annoucement: Photo Booth Hire in Perth!

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for photobooths. Though who doesnt right? :) Over the past year I have been setting up makeshift photobooths at weddings in order to bring some photo booth love into more peoples lives :) In the meantime I have been searching the world high and low trying to find an old style retro photobooth, after much research, we have finally found us a booth! I would have absolutely loved to buy an old style booth, but the practicalities of lugging around chemicals and all that mess, did not seem like the best route to go, so we have the best of both worlds…. 20th century meeting the 21st! It is a digital booth living in vintage style housing!

The booth prints double-print photo strips, the idea being, to tear and share!  The host gets to keep one and the guests get to keep the other – this has got to beat sugared almonds any day!  A perfect substitute for the bombonerie/favors at weddings.. and a whole lot of fun too! :)

We have just launched the website and we have some opening specials! I want to give all my clients first dibbs on the dates as I know this booth is going to book up quickly! The requests we have had in the lead up to the launch as been amazing! Head over to for more info!