I have a new portfolio site!

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I didnt imagine I would have a new website by the end of the day. The idea of the new website hit me at around 1pm and by about 1am the new site was launched. My creativity always comes at most inappropriate times. I have so many deadlines to meet before I go to Europe next week, Im working 18 hour days trying to get everything finished before I go. But when I get an idea, I cant concentrate or think about anything else. I started designing websites way back in 1997 (when I was 14 years old!) long before I decided I wanted to be a photographer, I wanted to be a graphic designer. It was through my interest in graphic design that I picked up a camera. I remember being in my final weeks of year 12 and having to make my selections for university. I could not decide between graphic design, photography or art therapy. I remember putting my first choice as art therapy, then graphic design and photography as my third choice. In the hour before the final deadline, I rang up and changed my first choice to photography. Its funny to think back on how last minute decisions can change everything but I believe in fate and its just how it was suppose to be. All the hours I spent in front of the computer as a teenager, making websites, learning photoshop and chatting online and making friends around the world, is a huge part of my success today. The best part of all, is that I got to combine all three of my original career interests into an amazing career. Graphic design and art therapy are a huge part of my photographic work. I think the main reason why I pushed away from wanting to become a graphic designer is because I only liked creating stuff for myself (my way or the highway.. probably why I like weddings/portraiture so much is because its all about my artistic vision.. hah) and I think I would not enjoy being a photographer so much if I had to miss out on the graphic design part of it.

I must admit, when I rang up to change my university selections to make photography my first choice, the thought of becoming a wedding and portrait photographer was the furthest thing from my mind. I was going to be a war photographer. I was going to travel the world documenting blood and guts. I was going to be a vagabond, I was going to roam the world endlessly photographing wherever I was called to. Then something changed. I fell in love with love. Somebody asked me a few years ago, why I gave up my original plans, why did I give up on my dreams because they knew through my determination I was able to achieve anything and why I was settling for mediocre. I never settled. I am here by choice. I have the best career in the world; each day I go to work, I spend the day with two people who are experiencing one of the most happiest days of their lives and I get to be part of that joy every week. As a bonus I still get to roam the world endlessly photographing wherever I am called.  I am about to leave to spend the next month in Europe (Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany) and the UK and Kuala Lumpur for a few days. If you are interested in being photographed in any of these locations, email me :)

For the last few years, I have always had separate websites for my weddings, portrait and personal work (well the personal one never launched, I never finished it, it was a work in progress for 3 years). With this new website, everything is together (its still missing the personal stuff, but it will be added). I used to always think I had to keep it all separate but ive learnt that there is no real distinct categories anymore, my wedding work is part of my personal work and my personal work is part of my wedding work. It should all be seen together because it all documents my growth as an artist. I’ll be adding new galleries often so check back every now and then :)

I would love to hear what you think of my new site. http://www.sammblake.com