Kristy + Lucy + Ellie

Yesterday I had the great pleasure in hanging out with Kristy and her two little friends Lucy and Ellie. I have been looking forward to this portrait session since Kristy booked me a few weeks ago. We met up at Kristy’s house first so we could take some photos of Lucy and Ellie on my white seemless background:

First up… Lucy! I love her big beautiful ears!


Little Ellie, who is about a year old.

Kristy had seen the fashion shoot I did with Renee at the Pines at Kings Park and decided she wanted to do the portrait session of her dog Lucy there, so we headed off to Kings Park after finishing up on the white seemless:

This shot makes my heart melt. Dogs are so beautiful..


Kristy and Lucy have been best friends for 10 years =)


Kristy had a special request… her birthday was the following day (today!!), she wanted me to take a photograph of her to celebrate her birthday! She had seen the photograph I had taken of Renee and asked if we could do something similar… of course I agreed!!! =)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTY! I hope you had a beautiful day =) xox