Photos from Brisbane

Finally back from Brisbane and back into the swing of things. It was great going over to PMA, my head is about to explode with all the ideas I want to implement into my business. It was great hearing everyone speak at the imaging conference on Sunday, lots of advice I will be taking on board. We finally got some good weather on Tuesday and so we walked around Brisbane for most of the day. The first two shots were taken in the Botanical Gardens. I only took my 45mm Tilt Shift lens out with me, it was great to just shot with this lens, manual focus and manual exposure, it definitely slows me down a lot, which is a very good thing indeed!

Sarah chilling out on some stairs in the gardens.

Sarah wanting to return the favor and took some photos of me. I hate having my photo taken! I look impressed don’t I?

We found this cool little cool cafe called Batavia on the South Bank, its basically a tea house, you order which blend of tea you would like and you get your own little tea party on your table. I had Chinese Gunpowder mixed with Emerald Sunrise. Its the best green tea I have had, so good in fact I am drinking some this very minute!

Myself and Sarah at the APPA awards night, taken in the ladies loo’s!

Lots of blog posts coming over the next week. Finally have the time to catch up on all the weddings, portrait shots and many other things I have not had time to blog! Stay tuned!