May 14, 2010

Capture Magazine

press weddings

Capture Magazine named me in the top ten wedding photographers in Australia :)


Absolutely stunning work. Really fantastic! you SO deserve it!

Yay! Congratulations!! You totally deserve it!

Congratulations Samm. Well deserved :)

That is awesome Samm, big congratulations!!!

oh congratulations Samm! Thats fantastic!

I agree with them! Awesome!

WOW Samm, that is some pretty impressive names you’re alongside of and well deserved. You are completely amazing and inspiring.

That’s great news, Samm. Don’t forget us small people when you become world famous :)

So SO deserved! Great news!

congratulations samm! that’s wonderful :)

Congratulations Samm :-) I’m not at all surprised to see your name in there x

congrats Samm – well deserved.