hello. where have all the days gone?

Where have the last two weeks gone? Last time I posted a blog entry was over two weeks ago! arhh!

The past two weeks have been flat out photographing so many different things! My cameras have taken approximately 30,000 images in last fourteen days! 4 weddings, 3 portrait shoots, 1 corporate shoot, 2 days out on location shooting for a big advertising campaign.. all this work has left me with about two days in the office over the last few weeks so if I am a little late in replying to emails, returning phone calls, getting proofs up, thanks for your patience everyone!

I am seriously behind in blog posts! I have 25 weddings to blog! I only have three weddings to go before the end of wedding season so I will hopefully have a lot more time to catch up! However I promise I will blog a wedding tomorrow! =)

I will also have my office manager starting in May!  Yipppie! Instead of hiring just one, I have decided to hire two fabulously awesome girls to help me out in the office each with different tasks and responsibilities.. I will be introducing these two girls over the next few weeks..

So many exciting things have been happening lately.. the biggest most exciting thing is that I am heading over to San Fransisco in August for a photography workshop, I get to meet and hang out with two of my most favorite photographers, Jesh de Rox and Jose Villa for a few days, how cool! I am also heading back over to the USA in February 2009 for a big photography convention in Vegas! I will be away from the 9th February – 15th March 2009. I will not be accepting any wedding commissions during this time!

As I am now doing more advertising work, I have decided to cut back my wedding commissions to balance out the work, therefore I will only be accepting only 7 more bookings for the 2008/2009 wedding season, so if you would like to book me for your wedding during July 2008 – June 2009 please contact me as soon as possible.

I am also in the process of been rebranded, I am having my whole look overhauled and getting a fabulous upgrade, new stationary, business cards, boxes, paper, envelopes, everything! Its going to look fantasitc!!!!

I am also working with the fabulous Brock Martin at Infinet Designs over in the USA to custom design me a blog! Things are going to be changing big time round here round August time =)