Beijing + Nanjing

This was taken in Beijing during my travels in 2006. The nearest train station was about 2km from our hostel, and this was taken on one of our daily walks back to our hostel.

I really enjoyed China, I want to go back in the next year or two and discover it more. The language barrier was the hardest out of all the countries we went to, but the people were very friendly and helpful. We made heaps of friends while in China both locals and other travelers.

One day we were at Nanjing train station trying to get tickets to Beijing. We were having great difficulties trying to get tickets because no one speak english. Eventually a guy called Meison, who was studying english at university, came up to us (he thought I was somebody famous..haha), he waited in line with us for over an hour, bought our tickets and then offered to take us out to dinner that night. At first we were hesitant because you always hear about all these scam stories, but we agreed and we were so glad we did because it was the night out we had while in China. Meison took us to a ‘real’ Chinese restaurant, he ordered all this food and within minutes our table was full of different dishes. To say the least, the meal itself was an experience!! I’m a very fussy eater, so it was an experience trying to eat all this food (or not eat it) without appearing to rude! The photo below was taken that night.