101 List

10 days of blogging! Ive decided to carry on for a month so I tick off #2 in my 101 list. Have you ever wondered what my 101 is all about at the top of this blog? Well its 101 things I want to achieve in 1001 days. Some of the things are a bit unachievable in 1001 days (like having 3 kids! I do not even plan on having one by then), so its more of a long term list to keep me inspired and remind me of my goals. This year has been a little slow on being able to tick off items, only two, though two very good ones! To win an award and to be debt free! Those items were in my top ten so not too bad.

Some items from the list I am trying to check off:

#2 To update my blog everyday for a month : Only 20 days to go!

#5 Buy my own house and then spend time making it into exactly what I want: February 2009 is hopefully the month!

#7  Make a photo book of my travel photography: This is one of my winter projects.

9#  Get a dog : this goes along with #5

11#  To travel to Japan again : I am planning on going to Japan sometime next year. I went there when I was 12 on a student exchange. I cant wait to go back.

44#  To travel to another country by myself : 6 weeks until I leave for the USA!! yippie!

46# To take my parents out for dinner at a really nice restaurant : I shouted my whole family dinner after we finishing up at the bridal fair in March. My parents and sisters helped me so much so it was a little thank you. Though Mum and Dad I plan on taking you to a nicer place soon :)

61# To live my life caffeine free : Okay this is the big one! If you know me well, you know I love my coke zero. This is officially my first day… im going through serious withdrawals. I am sleepy and have no energy. If you see me with a coke zero in the future, please tell me off :)

63# To travel to the USA for WPPI : Im going in February 2009!

77# To inspire someone to become a photographer : Someone emailed me a few months ago telling me I can check this off :)

86# Befriend an enemy : I dont really have enemies but a crazy neighbor and I are now friendly again!

101# Become a vegan : From about September 2007 until March 2008 I became vegetarian. I tried to become a vegan but my work lifestyle even made being a vegetarian too hard. Something I want to try again in the future.