Angus and Julia Stone Concert

Last Thursday night I went to the Angus and Julia Stone with my little sis Renee and her friends Antosh and Shani. I have been listening to Angus and Julia Stone all year, ever seen they first started been played on Triple J. They are now one of my favourite bands and it was great to see them live. The concert was absolutely amazing, I really enjoy going to small intimate venues (though The Capitol had way to many people squished in there, but the last concert I went to was the Scissor Sisters concert at Wembley Stadium in London, so that was a huge difference ;) I must say I like the small venues way better! At the beginning of the night I also bumped into my two friends Sarah and Bree, which was a very pleasant surprise as I had no idea they were going! Well it was a awesome night and I think everyone who went floated out of the venue on a little cloud.. it was a magical night seeing them perform! xox

My little sister, Renee and me..


I did not bother taking my camera with me (its way to heavy to carry around..though I wish I did now) so we only had Reneeā€™s silly little point and shoot to take some photos..