Back in Perth, but not for too long!

I am now back in Perth, well at least for a couple of days!! I am off again next week, heading down to Albany on Wednesday to setup my exhibition for the Great Southern Art and Craft Trail, which is taking place down in the Albany / Denmark region over the next month.

The AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) Fuji Breakaway which was down in Dunsborough at Bunker Bay this week was  awesome and I had a fantastic time! I had such a great time meeting other photographers and of course learning from the great duo, Montalbetti + Campbell, who are the Australian Professional Photographers of the year. Their work is amazing and inspiring to look at, but what I enjoyed most about listening to Dennis and Gay speak was hearing about the external influences from their personal lives that goes into their photographic work. They suggested to all of us that we should watch a documentary called Earthlings (you can watch it hear on youtube) which is about humans dependency on animals. I watched it first thing this morning and the documentary has profoundly changed my views upon the world, it has greatly opened my eyes up to an issue that most people choose to pretend is not happening in the world. The footage I watched will forever be imbeded inside my mind and I doubt I will ever eat meat again.

Wedding season officially starts for me this Sunday with Alison and Peter’s wedding on the Dalkeith foreshore. I have so many awesome clients this season, I can’t wait for their weddings! If you are going to book in for the engagement session I would highly recommened booking in a time slot soon if you want to do it on a Saturday / Sunday as my weekends are going to be extremly busy once November starts!

The below image was taken in Geraldton – it is part of series on sandunes that is in my exhibition. Hope you all have a great weekend! xox