Email Issues

It appears that lately I have been having some email issues and that some email people are trying to send me has flown through cyber space and has been sucked into one of those big black holes of nothingness and is never to be seen again… If any of you have tried emailing me in the past few months and I have not replied to your email, please do not think of me as rude in not replying, I just have not recieved it :( So if you have emailed me and Ive not replied, can you pretty please send it through again?

The problem should be fixed now, well I wont really know for sure until somebody tells me I have not replied to their email… hopefully it is all sorted otherwise I will have to move hosting providers which means my website and email will have to be down for a few days.. ekk!

So this post is not completely boring…… here is a photo I took at the Perth Royal Show last week.. I have a lot more photos I took there, I am slowing getting through editing them, they will be up soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!