Goodbye Windows, Hello Apple!

I grew up using Macintosh computers thanks to my Dad who has always been a bit of a gadgets man, then about eleven years ago when I first started getting into photography and getting the internet connected (wow its been 11 years!), I somehow ended using Windows computers and after constant 11 years of use and studying some computer units at university I would say I am a very computer savy person, verging on the geeky side of things (im sure my friends would suggest full computer geek haha).

Since becoming a professional photographer my pc’s have been struggling to keep up with me and my never ending workload, I always knew I would have to move over eventually as Macs are far more superior for graphic professionals, but I have been hesitant in moving over as there will be a lot of new software I will need to buy and having to adjust to a whole new way of working, but I am now proud to say the day has finally come… yesterday I placed an order for new mac gear! =)

The following will be arriving in about 10 sleeps:

A Mac Pro with 8gb of Ram and 2TB of memory


A Eizo 24″ ColourEdge Colour Calibrated Monitor:


And finally a 13″ MacBook Laptop with 4GB RAM