Happy Australia Day!

Hope everyone has had a FANTASTIC Australia Day!

It’s not often I get a Saturday off, I am normally out every Saturday photographing some awesome wedding but when a finally do get a Saturday off I jump around in excitement.. the next Saturday I have off will be 12 Saturdays time, so I made sure this Saturday, especially been Australia Day was a day full of fun.

Here are some photos from what I go up to (stolen from Arlene’s blog – photos by arlene)

I took my beautiful new 24mm along with me to arl’s house so she could continue on with what we got up to the other day – can you guess which one I am?


We headed down to the beach for swims, when we came back we decided to see how many people we could fit in my paddling pool – it was a tight fit! Then we rode bikes on a 5km mission in the hot hot sun, then paid a taxi $60 to take me to another friends party on the completely other side of Perth, and went to sleep very late the following day. It was a awesome Australia Day! =)