lizzy and mike

The speech Mike gave at his wedding reception was one of my most favourites I ever heard. I think I will remember his speech for the rest of my life. His words resonated with me. His speech was about luck, how he once read a paper on the characteristics of lucky people and how Lizzy defined all of these traits. After I finished the wedding, while Michael was driving home, I got out my iphone and I started searching for this paper Mike had talked about. You see, I always thought I was a lucky person, Ive had a pretty amazing and fortunate life and my friends even know me to have a magic finger, because it seems, I can fix anything it touches. Ive been very concious of my luck from a young age and Ive always been scared (actually terrified) my luck was going to run out, like one day out of the blue it all of a sudden was going to stop working. After much research and ive read a few books on luck since then, Im confident to say, Im not worried about my luck disappearing anymore, you create your own luck. I have to agree with Mike, in that Lizzy holds of all the characteristics of a lucky person but I hope Mike realizes, he has all of these characteristics too. Lizzy and Mike are the two of the most loving, sweetest, genuine and authentic people Ive met. The world would be a better place with more Lizzy’s and Mike’s in it.

How to create your own luck:

1 – To be one of the “lucky” people, you need to share their amazing ability to focus. Clearly define your goals. Make them so vivid and real you can taste them. Regardless of the distractions and small detours, staying connected to your dreams is crucial.

2 – In order to arm yourself with the same advantages as “lucky” people, you need to become an ardent student. Lucky people thirst for knowledge constantly. Be prepared. Be determined to be ready when the opportunity presents itself. Only then will you be able to recognize it’s potential, while others ‘just can’t see it”.

3 – Motivation is a difficult task it seems for all of us. We’re either motivated or we’re not. But how does one become motivated? No “lucky” person lives by “Murphy’s Law”. When faced with a challenge, obstacle or downright failure, instead of being depressed and lose your motivation, do what the lucky person does. Become even more committed to try a different approach, a new way, but try again. Failure can actually be a motivator to the lucky person.

4 – Attitude and motivation go hand in hand. One acting as a catalyst to the other. No matter how dyer your circumstances, never let on by your demeanor and displaying a negative “oh, poor me” attitude. You can be a “glass half full” kind of person, but how about being a “How can I keep this glass refilled?” type person? A lucky persons attitude is contagious.

5- Expectations can be a tricky thing. Most of us are dosed with well meaning remarks like, “Don’t get your hopes up” or Don’t expect too much”. Lucky people were either never told or didn’t take it to heart. They DO expect much. Not as in a spoiled child throws a tantrum to get what they want. Rather they believe they WILL receive! Any great sales leader will tell you, “always ASSUME the sale”. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN and how much.

{Instructions from How to Be A Lucky Person}