Office Update

The scaffolding is up, painting is about to begin, the new furniture has arrived and I have a new A2 printer coming in next week. Hopefully by this time next week everything will be completed and I will all setup in the new office!!

My new 2 metre x 2 metre bookself, this is going to act as a room divider. You can also see in the far background the atrium which is looking rather shabby at the moment. I will have to do some gardening over the next week!


This place has amazing natural day light, these photos were taken at 6:45pm – I love how half the roof is made of glass, so much pretty light coming in.


My new desks – instead of buying boring old office desks, I bought 2x 2 metre long desks. 4 metres of desk space, I cant wait to spread all my stuff out!

Well I will post another update when everything is finished! Have a great weekend everyone!