Pretty Things

One of the best things I like about weddings is the flowers. I love flowers and dont think we appreciate their beauty enough. Being in the most isolated city in the world we are pretty limited to what flowers we do get especially in so in the different seasons, but over the past wedding season I have been able to photograph some totally beautiful bouquets. Flowers always seem like a waste of money when your doing your wedding budget but they add so much atmosphere to the day. Here are a few of my favorites!

The pink flowers below were a bridesmaids at Monique and Oliver’s wedding in February. The flowers in the vase was taken at Merrin and Les’s wedding in April – this was taken at the house where Merrin was getting ready.

Shannon and Neils released butterflies during the ceremony in honor of Shannon’s father. It was a very beautiful moment to be able to photograph for them, the butterflies stayed throughout the ceremony which was very sweet. The one of the left stayed on Shannon’s dress throughout the ceremony and the photo of the right is a butterfly in one of the bridesmaids bouquets during the signing.

Monique’s bouquet:

The photo on the left was taken at Michaelia and Alwins wedding last year, i love the colours in this photo! The photo on the right was taken at Catie and Lindsays wedding in December. Each guest had one of these at their table setting.

Bouquet from Krish and Pauls March wedding. Table decoration from Megan and Craig’s January wedding.

Bouquet on the left from Catie and Linday’s December wedding. Bouquet on the right was taken in May at Katy and Evans wedding.