Rainy Friday

Some BIG projects are in the works! I have not posted in the last few days because I have been working on some very exciting new projects! Im currently working on setting up a new side business with my partner, we will be launching in Spring but hopefully have a website up in the next couple of weeks. All my existing clients will be the first to know :)

I’m off to San Francisco in two weeks time! I am heading over to do a photography workshop with Jesh de Rox and Jose Villa. I really connect with these guys work. Everyone who has been to Jesh’s workshop has said it has changed their life completely. I am started to get really excited to go!!! eee!! :)

I am a big fan of letterpress, does anybody know of any good stores in San Fran were I can buy me some letterpress prettiness? or any awesome paper stores? or anything you think I may enjoy seeing/buying while I am in San Francisco?

Yesterday I received my iPhone. I am such a gadget freak :) It is completely worth getting, everything about it is awesome and all the apps are really cool. So if you have been thinking about getting the iphone, stop thinking and just get it :) Did you know you can drink a virtual beer from it? :) The thing I like best about the iphone is that it is going to get my life organized. My laptop is my constant companion because I always need to be able to check my email, now my iPhone can do that for me and as I have so many appointments each week, being able to sync my calendar is absolutely awesome (my nokia n95 was capable of this but not very well). I am really looking forward to MobileMe launching.

I will hopefully have one of my projects ready to launch next week. I have been working hard on it all week and cannot wait until everyone can see!

Happy Friday everyone :)