The journey of being.

Today I feel more alive then I have in a very long time. The last time I really remember this feeling was about two years ago. I was in the middle of the Rajasthan desert in India, our car had broken down and as I stood on the side of the road, with wind blowing through my hair and sand in my eyes, I remember feeling the way I do today. Today I came to understand the fascination I have with wind blowing in peoples hair in my work, it takes me back to the last time I felt alive.

.. The last 24 hours has been a complete life changing experience. I cannot even begin to describe the journey I have just began but I know my life is going to be dramatically different from here on.

Today I started the Life (as an artform) workshop in San Francisco. I have traveled to the other side of the world to be part of this, all on my own, not knowing a single soul here. Last night, I laid wide awake in my hotel room bed at 4am completely jet lagged but completely excited about the workshop starting in the morning, I could not sleep as much as I tried to, I sat in bed scrawling down the millions of thoughts going through my mind. I started writing down ideas about my journey of being, I had actually called it something different, but as Jesh began discussing that ‘life’ is the journey of ‘being’, I knew instantly when he begin discussing this, that last night I was just beginning to scratch the surface of something truly life changing.