Who are YOU?

Who are you?

Each day, every day, over 300 of you visit this little blog {some days are extra special and over 1000+ visit me} and me being the curious person I am, want to know who all of you are.As a incentive for you to leave me a comment, I am going to give away a $20AUD iTunes voucher to one lucky person. So blog stalkers come out and leave me a comment, or two. Comments completely make my day! Even my week!

So tell me a little bit about yourself… who are you? where are you from? how long have you been visiting? are you a client, a friend of a client, a photographer, are you my friend, are you my mother? I know she checks in a regular basis! hehe =) What do you want to see more of on this blog, more wedding photos? more travel photos, more of me or more portrait photos? Everyone please leave a comment and this time next week I will announce the lucky winner of the itunes gift card!

Happy Thursday!