November 28, 2009




I would go as far to say last week was the best week of my entire life. It will be cherished and held so tightly in my heart. I will never forget how I felt.

Arlene and I hosted Jesh de Rox’s life {as an artform} workshop at our studio in Fremantle. We had the honor of hosting the workshop last December and last August I ventured off to San Francisco, which was the very start of all this for me. Including a class I joined in on in Vegas earlier this year, last week made it the fourth time Ive got to be part of this amazing experience. Each workshop has been completely different for me, Jesh has inspired and challenged me in so many different ways, but the best part is that this year,Β  I got to do it with my beloved, Michael. I cannot even begin to describe what that was like and the impact and changes it has already made to our relationship :) I had many old friends doing the workshop also and made a bunch of new friends. I am really so lucky to have all these amazing souls now in my life. Jesh is such a beautiful person, I am so glad we are friends, I am such a better person for knowing and having him in my life :)

This afternoon I am heading off to New Zealand to photograph an amazing destination wedding in Queenstown and then returning to Australian shores at the end of the week to photograph two more destination weddings. The best way to get in contact with me during the next week will be by email. I will be trying hard to keep up with emails and will return all phone calls when I get back to Perth on the 7th December :) see you soon xoxo


I was wondering if this workshop was for me at this point in my life (and career) as it will be held in Toronto next fall… and you just convinced me to spend a lot of money and absolutly not feel ashamed. lol

Thank you so much for sharing… just what I needed to read!


Hi Sammm, thanks for sharing these photos and your comments, I looked at the photos first and they radiated such warmth and joy, enabling me to feel from afar the full sentiment of the words that followed. it’s so nice to share in the joy of others :)

not gonna lie, i’m so super jealous of u samm!! so happy for u that you have had these amazing experiences. i have thought of jesh numerous times over the past few months and how amazing it would be to connect with him and hear his words at this time in my life. these images are SWEET!!! :)

Samm, love that shot of Lauren.

I keep hearing good things about Jesh De Rox session. Perhaps one day I will turn up for one of his workshops.

wow! sounds amazing! enjoy nz