January 28, 2013

by the seaside

Coney Island and Brighton Beach. Brooklyn, New York.

This place is magical. Something about stretch of sand that leaves me with such intrigue.  These images are from a day I spent at the seaside in August. I eagerly await my return in a few weeks time. I am curious to go explore this place in the winter time.



particularly like the one of the 3 colored birds on the beach =)

I just have to say that I adore your work! I’m 18 and studying to become a photographer and you are by far one of my main inspirations :)

i love these samm, some of your best work

Makes me think of all the seaside holidays I’ve had. Salty hair and sunburnt skin :)
I love your dock work, Samm!

these are really fun :) :)

I LOVE, love these, Samm!

Makes me wish of warmer weather and days at the beach.

what a great collection, something interesting and curious going on in every frame. nice work samm!

This place sticks with me now that I see folks bringing their pet birds to the beach!! Makes me want to visit NY… :) Thanks for sharing Samm xx

i love these so much.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_RZLAxsa8Q for you listening pleasure, thought it was appropriate :) have a great time in New York.

Magical really is the word. Image 3 especially tugs at my heart strings…

NY is so photogenic in many different ways. Beautiful photos, Samm.