August 24, 2011

call out : portrait project

I want to work on a photography portrait series about people who live alone. I was thinking recently how I do not know of many people who actually do and soon realized I do not know of a single person who does. This intrigues me. I have decided I want to explore the idea of living by oneself through photography and make a series out of it, with the intention of having it go on exhibition and made into a book. The idea is to go to peoples homes and photograph them in their own environment. An environment they have complete 100% control over, their own private universe. Their retreat from the world.

If you live by yourself, or know somebody who does…please email this blog post to them… please get in contact with me.

I will be visiting the following cities in the next 12 months:

Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Cairns, Brisbane, Adelaide, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vegas, New York, London, Paris and other parts of France, Prague, Bali, rural New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

I realize by putting this out on the internet.. I could possibly attract some less desirables like rapists, murderers etc… so please do not apply if you fit into these categories. I will be doing reference checks on every one I plan on photographing :) :) :)


If you are still looking for people for your project – I live alone (well… with my 12 year old Minature Fox Terrier and I have my daughter half of the time). I live in Brisbane and am more than happy to help if you needed more subjects. : )

Dear Samm, this sounds like an interesting project! Are you still following your dreams of making this come true? I don’t live in any of the cities you mentioned – but in Berlin, Germany, which I think could be a very interesting place for you! I do live on my own :) so if you want to think about coming to Berlin let me know and I can give you more reasons to do so! It’s a lovely place! It can be very inspiring and huge and crazy at the same time. Best wishes, Resi

Come to portland, OR. There are many creative beings who choose to live alone here :) Me being one. my boyfriend being another…. just saying…

Hi Samm! I live alone in Melbourne and I’m interested in being involved …. :)

wish you were visiting Florida too :)

This project sounds fantastic. I live alone, while i wait for my Prince Charming to come along on his white horse and whisk me away. Until then, i shall continue to enjoy spending my well earnt money on myself. Hhhmmm… yes, there is fear that i will become the old woman who lived with her shoes.

Love…Love…Love…is in the photos.
I fell love and inspired.

An interesting idea! I think I am one of only two women I know that live alone in Chicago (though many men if you need more material!). Shame Chicago isn’t on your docket but if you change your mind or have a long layover and want to visit one of the most lovely cities in the country please let me know! My pup and I would love to take part and my sub drenched loft ain’t too shabby for pictures. :)

That would be really moving to see. I imagine the photos would have a great dea of emotion / emptiness in them. Or would they?

Hi sam,
I love this idea, I have only been living alone for a few months in a gorgeous apartment in Moonee Pond. I would love to be apart of your project.

If you’re looking for someone in Canberra, that could be me. Fellow photographer who loves 100% control of his place (until it gets tidy then i blame mr nobody). As for reference checks, you once met me on a plane ride to perth and i believe i still owe you for some advice on locations!

I live alone in brooklyn…. I’m super interesting but I do live alone. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why I’m not all the interesting. Maybe I spend too much time alone. I’ll have to ponder that tonight, when I’m alone.

If you ever find yourself in Cape Town, South Africa, I would be happy to oblige :)

This is such a fascinating idea, at first I thought ‘oh I know loads of people who live alone’, and then ‘oh, not so much actually.’ There’s my mum who lives in the Scottish Highlands (a bit of a trek from London, about 8 hours by train, but worth it if you fancy seeing some very pretty parts of Scotland while you’re here) and that’s about it.

Oh, there’s my friend Amanda who lives in Brooklyn, she’s adorable and her place is so her. I’ll send this to her.

Hey Samm I know a few people I’ll get them to get in contact with you!

Dear Samm,

Love this project idea. I’m in !
I live in the west of Paris, in a smallish apartment. While my place is defintely not Versailles, it’s what I call “small budget cozy” and you’re more than welcome, you and your camera to come over for tea and macarons !

Not sure if this is the sort of stuff you are interested in but my 93 year old grandma lives alone (in a unit in a retirement home). She is a good example who loves her space.xx

Hi Samm
I’m living alone with my son (6 Y.O.) in Paris. I would love to help you with your project.
Good luck

I do live alone, in Paris… And just had a chat with a friend telling me I should meet people from abroad (and quite surprisingly we talked about australia…) so I’d be more than glad to hear more about your project, and who knows, be part of it… Or at least meet you! Let me know when you are in France, I could even show you around a little… Good luck with your project!

Too bad I don’t live alone (did I really say that?!) but if you come to Paris, I’d love to share a coffee with you and talk about photography.
Great project by the way! I’ll share about it on my Facebook page.

Does living with a cat count as living alone?

hi samm – i’ve never known a double m samm? i like your project – i am an advocate of living alone – having done it for many years -i’m one of the happiest 50 year olds youll meet!- i run my own business – so even my overstuffed warehouse is mine alone – i talk all day – so i love living alone -i travel lots so i fill my space with my travels…. does munted cat count as he lives with me ?

Hi there. My name is Nanae.
I’m a student at graphic design school and doing assistant for the wedding photographer on the side. I’m Japanese and living in Victoria, Canada. I’m not sure which Victoria you are saying. But the Victoria city I’m living in is a pretty city which is a few hours fly away from San Francisco. ( there is even direct flight between San Francisco to Victoria.) Your idea is very interesting. I’d like to be part of your project. I haven’t had my website ready though, I have facebook page which you can check my background if you’d like to.

Hi, Sam. I live alone. I’m a 28 years old male, living in Surabaya, East Java, but I often travel to Bali and own a flat in Kuta area. I’m a part time photographer and I love to be part of your photography project.

I live alone! My boyfriend stays over most nights, and his crap is everywhere…but it’s mine :)

If I only I lived alone again! I would have loved to be a subject for your project. I’m from the states and find that it’s a lot less common to live alone in Australia, or Melbourne for that matter. When I used to live in Boston I would see it heaps more. Good luck with the project!

I live alone. In a flat, in Mosman Park (Perth) But i’m not very interesting, i don’t have a weathered, wisened face or anything that can look wistfully into middle distance, but I can look reflectivly at the dirty diahes. I am 28, female, and I work at a newspaper.