March 3, 2011

Cannon Beach. Oregon. USA

Cannon Beach. Oregon. USA. March 2010

Sometimes when I shoot film, a roll or two of film sometimes goes missing for awhile… a year later it turns up, gets added to the pile of other film I am sending to the lab. Then when I get all the films back from the lab, I get very pleasantly surprised, its like christmas morning when I discover all these images that had been long forgotten. The images above would be one of those times.

I took these photographs at Cannon Beach when I was visiting Oregon in the USA last March.


There is a real beautiful gentle and still nature to these samm, reminds me of a relaxing weekend down the coast.

This is really beautiful work Samm.

Stellar film work. Love the mood in these shots

I love beach shots, the only thing that makes em better is when they have moody clouds… WIN! :)