April 21, 2011

film is not dead

I attended the Film Is Not Dead workshop in Melbourne back in January. I had the *best* week and learnt so so so much from Jonathan Canlas. That man knows his stuff and I am so grateful for his passion in sharing and teaching his amazing knowledge in all things film. The best thing about going to a photography workshop is the beautiful friendships that are made. My dearest and best friends are all people I have met at photography workshops. There are many perks to my amazing job.. but the highest on the list is the amazing photography community I get to be part of.



love these. a lot of talented people there :)

Awesome – I love film…

These are amazing… love the shot of the girl infront of the green door..

I’m a little.. okay.. a lot.. in love with these. Second last diptych is just to die for! Your film stuff makes me weak at the knees, sammy!

Ohhh Tres bien…. what a bunch!!! Would be there again in the wink of an eye!!

beautiful samm! i love the one of the girls hair blowing in the wind, it is quite magical. a fair bit of contax envy going on here! :) :)


oh i love these samm! i HAVE to send mine off to be developed…

I CAN’T WAIT to attend the Seattle FIND in July, 2011. #cantgetheresoonenough

Gorgeous images samm! (I think I took the last one.. Glad it worked out ok;)) I loved sharing this week with you and everyone there… Great fun ! :)