February 15, 2012

for the art of adventure.

“A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints” – Winfield Peterson


This was my motto for 2011 and it will be my motto again for 2012.

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for the past two months. Trying to think what on earth will I write to sum up what 2011 was all about for me. It was a big year. It was a crazy, scary, beautiful, fun, terrifying and exhilarating year.  It was a complete whirlwind. It was a year of challenges and learning all about patience. It was about taking risks and reaping its rewards. At the very beginning of the year I made the decision to sell and give away most my processions and the put rest into storage. I decided to start a new life completely on my own in a completely different city where I knew less then 5 people. Making the decision to move to Melbourne was one of the toughest yet easiest decisions I have ever made. After being in Melbourne for a few months now, I finally feel settled and at home. I never really felt at home like I do here.

I am incredibily lucky I get to do what I do. I have spent time in some truly remarkable places with some truly remarkable people. I have this favourite part of the day, its that moment right after the sun has set and there is that 20 minute window of twilight where the sky is an intense dark blue and its in the last moments of light. I get to spend a lot of these times in really remote and random locations. A lot of time is standing on cliff tops, looking out onto the ocean as I am finishing up photographing a wedding or portrait shoot. Sometimes its when I am riding my bike home from work and I look up to see the crazy Melbourne bats flying past, or its when I am running the streets of Fitzroy. It is at these times, that I always remind myself that I am truly grateful for the decisions I have made to lead me where I am today.

2011 was full of adventure. I ended up on 55 different aeroplanes, taking me to many random locations. I went to Vegas and saw my two dear friends renew their wedding vowels in the Little White Wedding Chapel and spend 1o days at WPPI with all my dear photography friends. I went to Japan for a fun adventure with my friend Dan where we started working on our workshop series Art and the Heart that we launched a few months later.  I traveled to Los Angeles to speak at the Beloved Collective and also spoke in Melbourne for the Pro Photo Seminars. I guest spoke at the Winter Wonderland and at the Jonas & Sean workshop’s. I certainly overcame my fear of public speaking.

In 2011, I also taught myself to run and quickly clocked up over 500km and ran half a marathon. I was a top 5 finalist in the Monster Childrens photography competition and got my photo published in their magazine and book. I joined my friend Dan O’Day on an awesome project called You Thought You Knew You, where we challenge photographers with a brief that will push themselves creatively.

It was a year about pushing myself to find new ground.

2012 is looking to be an even crazier year then the last and I could not be more excited about it. Knowing all the things I learnt in 2011 makes me very eager to see what this year has in store.  2012 has me going to Vegas, Myanmar (Burma), New Zealand, New York, Prague,  Sweden, Ireland, London, Portland, Tokyo and all over Australia for weddings and speaking and teaching workshops.

The last few weeks I have been busy working on a special project that will take me to Myanmar (Burma) in March to work on a documentary project. This project is taking me into a completely new area as I will be filming for a documentary. Learning to shoot video will be an interesting challenge but beyond excited about where it all may lead.

Earlier this week I was published in Rangefinder magazine. Was happy to check this off my life goals list :)  Today I was very excited to be announced as an Innovator at the next What If Conference in Portland, Oregon in July.

The best bit about my year is all the amazing things I get to be a silent witness to. This is my 2011 from start to finish. Thank you to my amazing clients for believing in me and allowing me to step into their lives for a day. xo



thank you for sharing! that was stunning and i hope you continue to work. i’ve been following you for almost a year and you just keep getting better!

You are unbelievably talented Samm :)

Sammie, I’m glad you’re not crazy and that you’d agree with the rest of us that you’re still on the UP! This year will be better than last year (otherwise un imaginable) but with your heart it’ll be impossible for it not to be. Your an inspiration to me. Keep moving forward Samm. We’re all watching ;)

This are just amazing gorgeous collection of images. Every single image has a story. Love it.

What an inspiration you are. You and your work are a reflection of a beautiful heart and talent. Congratulations on a wonderful year and I hope I get to meet you again this year.

Truly amazing. You hve just gone to the top of my list of favourite photographers.

you must have enjoyed looking back at all these significant moments samm, so beautiful. An endless visual journey!

oh Samm, each and every image a story unto itself, brought me to tears. thank you for your artistry and passion…

Very nice images Samm, see you soon ;-) BT

Samm your work is inspirational! Thank you for sharing your passion with us all.

Samm! Your images speak so much. You inspire me, and I think the world of your work. I am so happy and lucky that we crossed paths last year. The images of Chris and I show so much of our love, and we’re thankful you captured it for us. You’re amazing!!! xo

love your work SO much… brilliantly stunning, wow.

Increds. I love the way you see. Keep inspiring the game and stay awesome :)

Absolutely stunning images Samm – what a fantastic year you’ve had!! xo

Lovely year Samm, thanks for inspiring, best of luck for 2012…. I get the feeling it is going to be a big one!

Beautiful images from a beautiful soul. Inspirational Samm, thank you.

Im speechless.. but I want to say something, wish it was something cleverer than how awesome it was to meet you in 2011, love your work and look forward to following your radness further into 2012… what an wicked journey x

What a wonderful human you are Samm. I’m grateful 2011 was the year we became friends. xoxo

oh my… brimming with pride and joy to know you and be your friend. you’re a talent and a beautiful soul with a great heart. i know 2012 is going to be even more amazing. loves you!!!!! :) xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

Samm, your images are just breathtaking. I can’t stop looking at them. You are such an inspiration in so many ways. oh, and what exciting adventure are you coming to NZ for? I look forward to reading about your 2012 adventures as they unfold.

Oh I love you Samm. I mean I love your work. I think I mean both :) Your drive and passion and talent is beyond this world, and the results in your images are always breathtaking. Thank you for sharing these adventures and here’s to many many more xx

My Sammy, My love. I’m with Lades, I’m so glad we’re friends. You are awesome in every way and freaky and talented in every other way possible.

Absolutely stunning! Congrats on a successful and beautiful year!

talent.personified…amazed and amazing.

you’re so clever sammy samm. so glad we’re friends. can’t wait to hug you on sunday wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

Just one year? It’s a life time worth of beautiful images! I can’t wait to see where your creative skills take you each after year sammy :)

What an inspiring post – love that you’ve capturing pooches more too xx

awesome post samm, you are living it and are an inspiration to me to keep moving forward, dreaming, planning, being. To be honest I had a frustrating 2011, thanks for sharing, it’s helping me to stay positive. Bring on more adventures! :)

Oh wow Samm! Super inspiring beautiful work! Just gorgeous!! Love!!

My goodness, I could stare at this post all day.. every image is beautiful.. amazing collection. What a year you’ve had, and 2012 sounds like there’s more amazing adventures to be had! xxx

Samm… You are THE most inspiring woman and artist. I am so proud of you & your journey. You continue to amaze me & always leave me in awe! I love you my beautiful friend! Xx

Beautiful images – a true inspiration Samm, thank you for sharing your journey – look forward to seeing what you get up to in 2012, I am sure it will be equally (if not even more) exciting and inspiring…

Your work is phenomenal Samm. You are an amazing artist, and your drive, passion and focus is a massive inspiration. I hope 2012 exceeds your expectations. :-D

You are a true inspiration Samm… Not only are you (in my opinion) one of the best photographers on this planet but you are one of the best humans this planet has ever built :) Here is to 2012! woot

Well summed up Sammy, great post :)

you are beautiful samm. you should be so proud :)

Wow, amazing, inspirational and prolific year you’ve had! Congrats and thank you for sharing :)

What a beautiful journey Samm. I love seeing the world through your eyes! What a year you have ahead :)

Thanks for sharing your work with us Samm. We can all learn from your fantastic attitude towards not only photography but life in general. Hope this year is a great year for you.

Blown away Sam. You are so talented and an inspiration! Wishing you all the best for 2012 – i can’t wait to see what you do!

these are just all….so…good…

Im sure you know this already but you are brilliant at what you do. Such an inspiration to those that know and don’t know you. Thank you for sharing

I am in awe. You are so inspirational.x

wow samm…. what an amazing year its been! you so deserve it… im sure you have many more adventures ahead of you and i cant wait to see the beautiful images you create!

Completely and utterly in awe. Amazing collection, Samm. Thank you for this.

samm, that is increadible! beautiful selection.

what an amazing year indeed! You are such an inspiration – and every image you shared with us is stunning, beautiful beyond words xxx

Samm, this collection is phenomenal…you are an amazing story teller.

W@hat a truly inspiring post Samm. You have found such a perfect balance in your life and you are a true inspiration to all around you. A very beautiful year :)

Absolutely wonderful imagery.