December 21, 2010

holga + adventures

2010 has been a good year full of travel and adventures to far away lands. My holga always comes on my adventures with me. I dont shoot with it all that often as I prefer shooting with my medium format gear, but sometimes when the weight of my gear gets to much, I go out and explore with my trusty old light as a feather holga. Its always a nice surprise getting these films developed as I normally forget what is on each roll and normally have multiple trips appear on one roll. These images were spread over three rolls of film and include Venice, Berlin, Rome, London, Vancouver, Kalgoorlie and Exmouth.

2011 is going to be another year full of travel. I am wanting to shoot a lot more beloved work this year so I am putting these dates out there in the universe and see what happens :) If you are interested in a beloved shoot (or wedding or mentor session) in any of these locations, please get in contact with me!

Sydney // 27th Dec – 30th Dec 2010
Melbourne // 30th Dec – 4th Jan 2011
Brisbane // 4th Jan- 7th Jan 2011
Canberra // 7th Jan – 14th Jan 2011
Melbourne // 14th Jan – 21st Jan 2011
Los Angeles / San Diego / Vegas // February 2011
Los Angeles // Apr 2011
USA / Canada // Jul – Aug 2011
Margaret River Region // Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec 2011
Melbourne // January 2012 onwards +++

and a wee announcement… I am moving to Melbourne at the end of 2011. I am now accepting Melbourne (and east coast) wedding commissions from January 2012 onwards :)


I really love your black and whites. High contrasts are my absolute favourites! And how Im jealous of your travels… I’ve hung up my travel coat for a short while and Im starting to feel the pangs of wanting to head off somewhere again!

ahh, fantastic moods!! seeing these images I want to fly there and be part of it.

It is a pleasure to see that a photographer has decided to select black-and-white style. They perfectly show the beauty of streets. It is a good idea.

They’re absolutely wonderfull! <3

Oh that’s fantastic you’re moving to Melbourne! I lived there for 8.5 yrs before moving here to London. I loved it, and will probably be back living there one day :). Great times ahead!

Hi Samm

i love your work and am keen to know how much your mentor sessions are (fyi – i am a complete novice and have only just bought a slr – but what i probably lack in ability i make up in enthusiasm) – i’m based in Brisbane!



Samm, if you do make your way out to Toronto, I would love to book a session with you. We’re celebrating our 12 year (!) anniversary in August. And congrats on your move! How exciting!

yahooooo, can’t wait to see you!

Weeeeeeeeeeee! Samm you’re going to love it – I can’t wait to have you here :) x

Wowee! The East Coast will be very happy to have you!!! Happy travels Samm, you are such an inspiration.