July 14, 2011

japanese daydreams

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller



I traveled to Japan in June with one of my dearest friends, Dan O’Day. These are some things I saw. Whenever  I travel, I like to challenge myself creatively. To push myself to shoot in a new way then I normally would. I took my new Fuji x100 camera camera along with my Mamiya 6 medium format camera.  I ended up using only the Fuji x100 the entire trip..I love this little camera.  I normally only shoot film when I travel so shooting digitally and with such a small camera, I was able to capture images I would have normally missed ..like japanese business men picking their noses on the subway :)

Tokyo is my favorite city in the world. I would move there in a heartbeat.


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This work keeps touching those places that are on the periphery of vision – very beautiful – I am spellbound.

I love how many of the images have a really simple subject, yet they are still quite remarkable.

Can’t stop looking at these.

Wow, so, so good Samm. I had the x100 for a few months and often regret selling it, especially when I see stuff like this of it being used exactly as intended by very skilled hands.

An absolutely beautiful piece of work

Superb set of photos. Love em!

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..just amazing photos Samm.
Your photos took me to the time I was there, but also telling me a story, your story. Marvelous work as always. Loved them all.

Hi Sam. I attended the seminar in Melbourne last week and am so pleased I was able to listen to you and Dan speak. I love your blog post with your images from Japan. They are honest, fun, dark and just so interesting.
A lot from what you both shared is floating around my head. I have started on the challenges and will head to the library this week to see what I can borrow of the reading list you shared. The 7 habits is the top of my list!
Anyway, I hope you are well and many thanks again for sharing your inspiration and so much of yourself.

it is no less than an honor for me to have “the Artist” Samm Blake as one of my dearest friends and inspirations…. there are no words other than this magical time is memory that I will hold on to with all my strength until the day I pass. you truly are an artist.

Killer post dude. Some amazing street photos

What a city Sammy through your talented, clever eyes x

Absolutely beautiful set! There seems to be a very grainy theme throughout the photos which is interesting considering its the x100. Was this done through post processing?

A lovely set of images. Love the toning. Really adds to the sense of displacement and wonder.

My. God. This is absolutely unbelievable.Seriously seriously seriously solid. I may have already commented on this post (I can’t remember) but who cares – this is just stellar.

Amazing images, love the mood!

oh my. wow. Samm, these are NUTS. I can’t believe they’re all from the X100. SO cool.

Samm – I love how you’re photography is so DIFFERENT. So carefree and like you dont give a damn about what is considered a “good photo” because of certain rules. These are great.

Samm!! your travel photos are where your heart shines the most. these are just beautiful.

oh boy…. you’ve made it obvious that the time between visits to Japan has been too long… love the series, your awesome

Inspired Samm. Wow.

Oh wow your photos are awesome!! Now I need this Fuji x100!

love these images. love these views. love your vision :)

All the darkness and loneliness and wonder and awe and little things and little moments and exhaustion of traveling. In love. I want the printed book.

holy balls samm, AMAZE.

it makes no sense how good you are. : )

amazing post, Samm! So much mood, I love it.

Beautiful. Haunting. Love that you’re traveling! Miss seeing your face every month…. Love to you. Xooo

Ohh sam your images are so beautiful but they make me miss Japan so much! So glad you enjoyed your trip and great to see the shot of mt fuji! My faves are the boy in the train station and the girl getting tangled in the dogs lead :) they are lots of fun xo

Beautiful, creative & candid images of the street and memories to last forever! Great work Samm!

the way you do it is amazing.
i like your style,girl ;)
greetings from germany.

Absolutely amazing. I do love the nose-picking dude. :-)

samm, amazing to see what “your Japan” looks like. one day i ll show you what mine looks like. miss u*

you inspire me today, tomorrow, always. :)

I am not sure if I should comment on this, because I really, truly don’t know what to say… I have no words to sum up how breathtaking these images are… you are truly an artist, and I feel like, it’s been so long since I’ve seen something this moving in quite sometime. Coincidentally, the last post I saw that moved me so was the one of Dan’s, of Ginger & Pearl. This collection is beyond anything I’ve seen. I don’t know what to say, except… kudos, Samm. These… You. are amazing.

such a joy to look through your photos!! i love the feel and the mood of every one of them! wonderful adventure.

so beautiful! you really captured the playful nature of japanese people!

Hawt diggity Sammy! That was a legit mind trip of dark hazy moods. I haz to get ticket nao :P

dogs, fish and turtles luv them
I am sooo jealous to be able to have the time to have a holiday creating!

It just got better and better for me personally! The shot with the guy laying down on the bench under the trees is sensational! Absolutely love it from beginning to end!

Thanks for letting us see through your eyes. Jaw drops!

so many awesome shots….

This. Is. Epic. Huge fan.

Some gorgeously ambient shots! Love these, Samm.

awwwww sheeeiiiitttt! sammy! so good, soo so soso good. Tokyo, lets go!

Incredible images, so much to see through your eyes!! Thank you for sharing!!

Wow, that was amazing! thanks for sharing a bit of your adventure with us!

WOW!!!..mood + tones is a winner.

i used to live there. this makes me want to live there…again.