March 29, 2011

nevada dreams

Nevada, USA, February 2011

It all seems like a lovely dream now.

A random collection of film images from a few days adventuring in Vegas and the Nevada Desert. Oh how I miss my dear friends and adventuring comrades.. Dan O’Day, Christine Pobke, Kelly Tunney and Alyda + Todd McGaw. I love these wonderful people all so much and wish we all lived in the same city as each other and go on photo taking expeditions all the time. sigh.

My beautiful friend Pobke has posted images she took on the same day. I always love seeing different photographers perspectives of the same places we visit. Sometimes we notice the exact same things and sometimes the complete opposite :)

You may recognize all these lovely faces from a blog post I put up a few weeks ago from Alyda and Todd’s Vegas wedding at the Little White Wedding Chapel. The very talented and charming lads Dan O’Day and Jonas Peterson have posted their perspectives of the day on their blogs now, you should look.. they are both so talented at what they do.. and you may see some funny photos of me amongst it all ;)


I really like your style.

so great meeting you there. :) can’t wait to get to know you guys better. :)

Awesome set of images. I’m totally digging your style.

yes blakesamantha, well done. I love them all – what a special little crew.

Hey Samm, lovely stuff mate. Wish I’d been there ! You doing APPA’s this year, be good to hook up. Love your work.

aww gorgeous!! lovely people, lovely photographs!

samm. this stuff is mental. just sayin’.

Samm Blake … you are my new favourite.

i is good to see you all!

makes me miss you and love you all over again, blakesamantha. :) i loved our little adventure and i miss my little twinsie. i don’t even know what to do with myself anymore when i wake up? what to wear? how to do hair? it’s confusing every morning. :) love you, xoxo.

I like the ‘asian’ shot…I think that sums up Vegas so well. All I remember from my visit was sand, lights and lots of hispanic men handing out photos of naked women.

Wow, all of Australias best photographers in one place, how amazing! I agree it is very interesting to see different perspectives on the one day or moment. I am curious, in the first photo, did you light him from behind (and possibly in front?) or is this natural light? I especially like the 2nd from last landscape. Beautiful work.

Amazing post Samm!

I love the landscapes and the B&W of Dan!

oh my sammy! love these & you so much. That b&w one of my boy phwooooaaahhhh – I’m a lucky girl.