pretty things + photography workshop

Ive just had the most amazing last two days… I’ve just finished up teaching 3 photography workshops down in Albany.  I put on two small workshops yesterday and today was an all day workshop for professional photographers. I feel like I only started scratching at the surface of the things I wanted to share and met such an lovely group of people. I really enjoyed teaching and its such a nice feeling being able to share and encourage people to find their unique voice as a photographer. I get a lot of emails from other photographers asking if I offer workshops. After much umming and arring for the last 12 months if this is something I am actually capable of and if I have something unique to offer, I think I proved to myself today, that the answer is yes. What city should I come to for my next workshop?? :)


Hi Samm I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Your photography is something i dream of being able to do. You certainly capture the moment! As an emerging photographer I would be very keen to attend one of your workshops. I’m based in Perth! If there is any chance of you coming to Perth I’ll be there. If you plan on any future workshops in Albany please let me know. Enjoy your travels…..

I have so many things I should be doing right now, but instead I popped by your blog. And as always am so inspired, you have such a beautiful voice. (By the by, Melbourne please).

Perth.. would be a great place for a workshop.. keep us posted on events if u decide to come this way!!

What an absolutely stunning set – every picture tells a story, every picture holds a smile and every picture showcases your utter genius. Samm – be extremely proud!

Please do a workshop in Perth! Have been dying for something like that here :)

Definitely PERTH!!! Please!!

Congrats Sammy… well done and deserved.
I would love to hear you speak and share all your ideas and wisdom. Best of luck in all that do!! :)


Perth! I adore your photographs the feelings you capture. :)

Thank you for letting us be your first students! It was a fab day – you have found your groove Teacher Samm – the sky’s the limit!

Perth, Perth! We get nothing in Perth :(

Please come to Mandurah and do a workshop!!

PLEASE come to Melbourne, Melbourne, Melbourne!

I’m so happy for you Samm, a wonderful path lies ahead. Congratulations to you!! (another vote for Melbs)

PERTH! Pretty Please :)

cough cough Melbourne cough


I would love to bathe in all the things you have to share!! You are amazing!!

*chants* Sydney, Sydney, Sydney, Sydney…

Samm, thank you again so much for yesterday! My brain is still swimming with information (in a good way!) and I would LOVE it if you could come back for a technical-type workshop… so back to Albany would be wonderful for the next one! Haha!

I would say wollongong but I would settle for sydney!!!! xxx

so excited that you decided to go ahead with this – you’re a fabulous person and photographer, and it’s wonderful of you to share your gift and vision!! :) xoxoxoxo can’t wait to see you in a few short months!!!!!

Perth! Otherwise I will have to follow you to wherever else you go!

YAY SAMM!!! You are AMAZING and I felt that I needed at least a week with you after yesterday!! Can’t wait for the next one!! <3
You have SO much to offer and share and you are such a kind and beautiful person for doing this! Love you my friend!! x

I’m sure you’ll be a great mentor! As for locations, I’m in Perth for a week in November, reside in Canberra but am willing to travel!

Samm, you have so much to share and such a gifted eye and mind behind it all so I definitely think you are more than capable of teaching and encouraging and definitely have much to offer!! Will be keeping my eye out on this….but just for the record, I’m in Syd :)

Congratulations on your first workshops… please, please consider coming to the Hunter Valley. I am 20 minutes from the vineyards and I am sure we can get people from Newcastle and Sydney to come too.

Anywhere please! Just let it be Oct or Nov :) I am coming to Australia from the UK and would love to do one of your workshops :)