January 20, 2011

summer love

some images from my travels around Italy back in July. One day I would like to live in italy. ♥♥


Wow, the light there really is pretty amazing, and the stillness of the ocean – I just found this blog but definitely following along now :-)

your blog and photos are really fantastic. a big fan of your stuff…

you;re good samm. i want to travel like you.

are. you. kdding. me. ??? these are incredible. birds kissing, an accordian player, laundry hanging, architecture, art…. perfection.

These make me want to live in Italy too beautiful Sammy. Thanks for playing – see you soon xx

you’re so clever. these pictures are just gorgeous :)

SO very beautiful Samm, is everything there so dreamy? We’ve never been, but it must be incredibly romantic, even the doves were kissing :)

Beautiful Samm!! Absolutely gorgeous shots — I want to go there. right. now. xx

Makes me want to go reaaaaally bad! Beautiful set of images Samm. Never cease to amaze me.