chris and tamara

A beloved shoot in Chris and Tamara’s home.. I cannot not think of a more perfect location to capture them, their love and their darling beloved little family members. ❤❤❤.


I really love your style. So different.

Amazing location! In love with the &

I like the two black and white ones when they’re sitting in the doorway. They feel very raw and naturally beautiful.

The photos with the outside lights have a really good look to them! nice work

Absolutely gorgeous pics…. you are very talented and they are just a beautiful couple!

This is so serene & so real, I love that it’s at their place and what you see is truly them. Stunning Samm

love that first frame.

What a very special and unique shoot of two very special and unique peoples. Wow, thanks for sharing. Soooo looking forward to Saturday!

All-around goodness.

Wow the light here is like liquid treacle, this is so beautiful, very inspiring. I wish we had that light over here in the UK.

wow the light here is like treacle so lovely, such a beautiful shoot, wish we had that light in the UK. Very inspiring.

oh samm…..these are so gorgeous…..seriously, you are the bomb : )

Stunning photos of Chris and Tamara. You have captured them and their furry family perfectly!


beautiful session Samm! :)

One day I am going to hire you to do this for me

seeing the world with love. That’s how it looks when I’m scrolling through your images.

You have a beautiful gift Sammy :)

ahhh sammy….. this is soo beautiful, i love love love the images taken just as the sun goes to sleep

Love every one Samm. Made me smile from ear to ear. :-)

So lovely, Samm. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the first one, so beautiful.