elli and laz


what what, in the … front :) These are great Samm. You’re a boy photographer, right?

very awesome! favorite is the first one! epic. we should be friends. similar styles for sure. hold a workshop together? pick each other’s brains? love your work:) just wanted to stop by and actually say it this time…

These are wonderful. I love you work Samm

1st frame is killer!

oh wow…this is a wow shoot.

Samm, your work is incredible

Beautiful and heartfelt as always. :-)

Awww…beautiful, beautiful!

Gorgeous, so love that 3rd last one in colour.

pure,simple beauty :) so gorgeous

I’m not going to get anything done today because I can’t stop looking at these pics :)

❤ ❤ ❤ really love your style Samm! So full of prettiness!

oohhh ohhhh sammy this is a goodie!!!!! love them all :D

love!! gorgeous samm : )

beautiful light and movement, samm. :)

Those B&W’s amongst the trees are fantastic Samm