erin and ashley



simply stunning! The light, the love, the capture!

i like how the shoot seemed to follow them throughout their day…morning to night.

awww sammy! I just love these. i love you too :)

Sammy, there is great work and then there is this…..great great work. Love them all sweets!!!!

Fantastic work Samm, really captures the story of the day :)

woww! Stunning photos

the most beautiful couple in the world!!!! captured by Samm x


These are soooo lovely. Well done Samm.

Love these images and your work. The b/w photos are stunning.

I love your style. Brilliant shots.

Beautiful shoot, i love how your photos capture the connection so elegantly. Really love the colours.

beautiful samm….. once again, i get the breath loss

Gorgeous work Samm! The honesty in each frame is so warming.

Wow. Wow. And wow! 036.jpg is just amazing, by the by! In love.

Love this shoot. This couple and your use of light! It’s so warm in every sense of the word.