fine art books

11×11″ fine art book.

I have to admit I am not really a fan of traditional wedding albums. I dont actually offer them. I am all about these fine art books. Ive been offering these books exclusively for about two years now.

I love these books. I love the thick beautiful paper. I love white space. I love clean and simple. I love the custom book covers and boxes. I love that images can run through the crease line and are not affected by the fold. I do in fact love everything about them. love. love. love.


Wow!!! I love your work, your blog, your photos and I just love this fine art book. Pretty much like the other comments, I’d be more than happy if you’d be willing to share who you’ve used to print this album. I’d like to do a surprise for my mum 6Oth bday. Thanks!!

Hi Samm. Fellow Beloved photog here. Who does these albums for you. I need something special for a family reunion.


These are gorgeous. Where do you get them, I might get one for my mum for mothers day coming up! Nothing better than one of these for mothers day of the grandkids! :)

Hi! US photographer here. Your work is great and I love this album!!! The closest I’ve seen is nowhere near as nice. Would love to know who you use. If you could email me you’d make my day! :)

Hi Samm, Not sure if you are up to it but I’m keen to delve into these albums a little further. How do you feel about supplying the details. Completely cool if you’d rather keep them to yourself too of course. Cheers

Wow those books are incredible! We use US company Blurb for our photobooks.
Would you be able to email me the details for your book supplier? Thanks :)

Is that what I think it is? The owner is amazing and is actually from my home town, but now lives across the nation. Such great books. Even better with great photography.

Samm Blake + VAB = What’s not to love?

your designs are divine too….