ly and kevin . sydney

“If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.” ~ Bernard Byer


my face needs to be punched for not leaving a comment already. love these so much sammy. realnessx50billion

swept away yet again by the beauty and poignancy of your photography.

these are so lovely. i love the shots of her on the couch and him sitting at the edge on the floor.

you are the queen of radness… love what you do xx

Ooh la la, Samm! These are romantic, sexy, casual, moody, lovely, happy, etc…. That last one makes me smile. She has a beautiful smile.

Really beautiful, intimate images, I love them, and that smile at the end – perfect!

Feels like a beautiful movie.

stunning. the emotion in these images speaks for itself.

Absolutely beautiful images Samm… and is that a Kozyndan picture in the background in one of one of the shots? Love their style!!!

Samm, I love these images so very much. Can’t stop looking at them. Stunning!

Hi Samm, Beautiful moments captured, so soulful. Thank you for your amazing words of inspiration at last weeks seminar. I’ve bought books, turned the tv off and looking within. So very glad I made the trip to Melbourne to hear you and Dan talk. You’re amazing!

love it Samm!

love these, my dear twinsie. i love how you capture movement and joy always…. it’s very inspiring to see you get the best of people and their love.

man. just mind blowing every. single. time.

So beautiful. So beautiful.

Oh man, this is so good. Love the intro quote!

ohhh samm!! again, these are beautiful….i love the shadow and the light…and i’ve gotta say, i love the 2nd image so much too!!! and the last one too….well, actually all of them!! you’re a star….and the quote is just divine too….suits this series….love!

WOW!!!! Samm I love the happiness this image portrayed in the last frame! STUNNING! TRULY STUNNING!

Just so gorgeously joyous.

Love the quote and the images, especially the 2nd frame!