August 30, 2012



I have been on my travel expedition for three months now, spending my days across the USA and Europe, meeting and photographing many amazing people. Two people in particular I have had the pleasure in meeting and spending time with is Reinna and Christian. Last week I traveled to California for a wedding, and these two beautiful people came along with me on the adventure up to Paso Robles, a small little town between Los Angles and San Francisco. As we hit highway one, I told them we should pull over on the side of the road as I wanted to take some pictures of them. The sun had set and the light was fading. It was all kinds of pretty and all kinds of magic.


[…] Montag: Zwei, die ich mag. Dass er da ist. Ganz bald. Der Frühling und mit ihm dieses Gefühl, die Leichtigkeit, die in der Luft liegt, weil die Jacke zu Hause gelassen werden kann, weil die […]

I lovelovelove your photos. Gorgeous!

I can’t even describe how much I love this. A dream.

Nice work! Reinna & Christian would have loved these photos! I love the colour grade. Keep up the good work.

Very beautiful photos! Love this!

lovely photos !

You captured a lot of great moments.

So wonderful and natural! Just beautiful…

beautiful sammy, you still got it ;)

How freakishly cute are these two? Love. These.

Gorgeous pics! Are these shot in mk3?

Love this set !! Great feel to every frame ! :)

So beautiful as always Samm, what a sweet couple. x

Samm!! There are all kinds of crazy beautiful!! Gosh you’re crazy talented! Beautiful : )

I just love your work so much Samm. <3

Gorgeous set Samm. Great light!

magical. once again dreamy.

Wow. How insanely gorgeous are they?

Beautiful work Samm! Come back home, pretty sure that Australia misses you


One more time excellent work. love the way you explore each pose, with unique images working together to tell a story.

Luis Efigénio

There’s always a way to get lost in your images. So lovely Sammy, and what a beautiful couple :)

Stunning, Sam. That stretch of coast is amazing isn’t it?

absolutely beautiful session! wow.