rose and craig

rose & craig. beloved. bicton. western australia.


good lordy lord lord. you are SUCH a talent, blakey. just give a bit of that to lil’ ol’ pobke? prease?

They’re so sweet. Very nice. :)

beautiful as always Samm.. what a beautiful couple..I love the second photo :)

Wow these photos are just beautiful! They totally show how much these two love each other, absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see the wedding shots!

wow sam, that second frame, with the strip of hair. just wow :)

ooo! love! I like the second one the best :) love the boat too :)

So vividly remember Samm..such a beautiful evening, and an amazing experience with you…. thank you so much for the lovely photos once again, and can’t wait for our wedding day shots in a few weeks of time! xx

WOW – Stunning – I love that you are not afraid of shadows, if you know what I mean.

Beautiful Samm. Love the colour shot in the boat!

Oh Samm, these photos are amazing. I think i cried over every one – you have captured my brother and his beautiful wife to be perfectly. Such beautiful souls that are meant to be together. I know they will a hundred times *more* than love them!!! :)