ursi + michel . switzerland . beloved

I photographed this beloved session of Ursi and Michel (plus their dogs miro and sheela) when I was traveling through Europe in July. These four live in Switzerland and contacted me for a beloved portrait shoot when they heard I was coming through their beautiful country. Michael and I spent a few days with them at their house, they drove us all up and down the mountains in Switzerland showing us what their beautiful country is all about. We had a barbecue picnic on the side of a little creek which was one of my favorite parts of our whole trip. Ursi and Michel are such warm hearted, generous, beautiful people. This beloved shoot was taken over two days. It was such an honor and pleasure to meet, spend time with and to photograph them. ♥


how beautiful!!! what a wonderful experience, and beautiful images. i have fallen in love with your work!

You are beyond fantastic.

Fantastic!Great shots for great looks! The place is so beautiful, it’s a perfect location for two perfect in love persons!Everything is just so natural and true, photo shoots full of perfectly loved feelings!Great!

your works are great. if u ever come to turkey please send me an email. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hi. I dont know you, and I’m thousands of miles away from australia so I probably never will. But I stumbled upon your website and I love your work. You’re an inspiration! I hope to one day be as good as you!

Well done Sam! Pleasure to have a look at your photos.

Love. love love love love love. LOVE. L.O.V.E.

Lovely photos! Your blog is great!

Brilliant. Pure brilliance.

oh samm… what an amazing session. if we were in the 70’s, I would have one of these images turned into wallpaper for my feature wall… no lie. love central !

awesome shoot and location, Samm

This is great. I love your “beloved” sessions. The colors are fantastic. It would have been fun to have a shot of the car with both of their feet sticking out of a window. Ooh La La.

You have captured the essence of love – both between the couple and their bubba-dogs. Your work speaks Samm.

Hot damn! If ya ever need a second shooter in Switzerland, I am available :P

You’ve done it again Samm. Your photos tell beautiful stories.

These are amazing! The colours are so rich and the mood is gorgeous. I especially love the shot from up above of the couple with their dogs. So cute!

international beloved!! i love it….absolutely gorgeous samm!x

Some of the finest photographs of a couple I have ever seen, incredible feeling.

ok this session F****N ROCKS

Love, love, love. Can see it and feel it!

love these samm ;) so intimate!

My fave the couple in black and white leaning against the car with dog in frame. Well seen and captured samm beautiful vision love x

What an amazing session :))

Samm, these are incredible…I just love the whole feeling to them! You must have had the best time!! It is those little things that make the different on the big trips.. ;)

absofreakinlutely gorgeous. my goodness woman. this is just amazing. *jaw drops*

Some of the most breathtaking photos I’ve ever laid eyes on!

OH WOW Samm!!! this is my favourite beloved session you’ve done…..just amazing :)