WPPI 2009 + USA

Ok, this blog post is long overdue! So much has happened in the past 4 weeks I do not even know where to start. Its a bit surreal to be home again, it all feels like a dream now, a nice dream :) Well pictures say a 1000 words so I will start with some photos :)


Joe Buissink and Me + Jerry Ghionis, Kirsty Aksentiew, Bambi Cantrell + Samm and Joe Buissink. Las Vegas. Nevada

WPPI has lots of different classes you can attend, I signed up for a plus class with Joe Buissink. Joe had a big influence on me when I began photographing weddings many moons ago. It was great to finally meet Joe, he is the nicest person and I learnt a lot from him in his two day workshop :) Part of Joe’s workshop involved photographing some models, these are two of my favorites;



Kirsty Aksentiew, Jesh de Rox, Amy Seeley, Samm and Mick. Las Vegas. Nevada

My friend Jesh had a swanky party in an awesome loft on the top floor of the MGM Grand. The lovely Amy Seeley was also there, it was so good to see her again! It was also great to see Manus and Emily again, we meet last year when I was in San Francisco. A favorite moment of the whole trip was sitting on the floor and looking out of a huge window of the Vegas skyline hearing Amy sing. It was one of those beautiful moments i’ll cherish always :)


I thought these two images went perfectly together. Jesh is about to bust out some dance moves ;)


Neon Boneyard. Las Vegas. Nevada

We visited the Neon Boneyard in Vegas (once again thanks Kirsty for getting us in!!). Basically this place is where all the old neon signs of Vegas live.


Neon Boneyard. Las Vegas. Nevada + Salton Sea. California

I meet up with my friend Susan Yee, a fellow photographer who lives in San Deigo. We became friends via our blogs many many years ago and have been friends since. Well I finally made it to San Diego and we got to meet! Susan showed us around her city and also went on a mini roadtrip to the Salton Sea. We got there just an hour before sunset, so only had a short time to shoot in, but the light was amazing.


Susan Yee and the Salton Sea. California


Salton Sea. California


I like how Susan has also made a ghostly appearance into the photo on the left ;) Salton Sea. California

We stayed at the Salton Sea until way after the sun went down. Very spooky place to be after dark, but very serene and beautiful at the same time. The stars in the sky were amazing.


Salton Sea. California


Solvang. California

After we left San Diego we headed north to Solvang to catch up with my friends Jose Villa and Joel Serrato. Solvang and the surrounding area is so lovely. Seeing this part of the world makes me want to move out of innercity living and move into the hills with lots of trees.


Mick and our convertible ;) Highway One + Solvang. California

Yes we hired a convertible. I can tick off number 26 on my 101 list – “Drive across America in a convertible”. Well we didnt technically drive across, but we drove up and down ;)


Highway One. California

After leaving Solvang we drove up Highway 1 to Carmel-by-the-Sea. This part of California is oh so beautiful. I highly recommend going to this part of the world.


Self portrait. Highway One. California


Highway One. California


Mick. Highway One. California


When driving a convertible we soon found out you needed a hat. Thus my lovely driving hat. hehe. Highway One. California


Venice Beach. California

We spent our last day hanging out at Venice Beach in LA. This is a funny place.


Venice Beach. California


Venice Beach. California

I met so many wonderful people on this trip, I am so glad I get to do this all again next year, and the following year and the year after that and get to catch up with you all at least once a year :) Now back in the real world, I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. so many weddings to blog!

and to all the people who are wondering, no we did not get married in Vegas ;P


Hi Samm, looks like you had a ball! Thanks for sharing your photos, they’re great!

Yay, you’re back! Looks like you had so much fun :) I had to laugh when you wrote you didn’t get hitched in Vegas. Just found out a colleague did that last week – it’s so weird… Can’t wait to see more shots!

Beautiful and inspiring images! Love them all, especially of the Salton Sea. My parents live somewhat near there and I’m planning on seeing it next year.

[…] The backstory of the Salton Sea is that it was created when the Colorado River flooded around the turn of the last century. It was originally touted to be a resort area, with yacht clubs, and boats and water skiing and swimming. But due to many factors (dying fish, high saline content, flooding), it didn’t survive this dream, and now it’s abandoned except for the few people who decided that the Salton Sea is home. Going to the Salton Sea is always a surreal experience, especially at what I think is the most beautiful time to visit it, sunset. The whole place transforms to this serene and abandoned beauty. We stayed well past sunset, as evidenced by some of Samm’s photos on her blog. […]

Greetings from Spain Samm, fantastic images!!!

samm, your photos are so beautiful!! i have missed seeing you blogs! so glad that it was a super long one to check out!! glad that you had a great time, and it was all you hoped it would be!

so so beautiful, super inspired. yay to have you home.

SAMM! it was so wonderful finally meeting you after knowing each other via the internet for YEARS. and i loved hanging out with you, i felt so special to get samm all to myself for a few days!! <3 i totally had a laugh at my ghostly image, and i’m soooo glad you drove up the one!!! it’s sooo beautiful, isn’t it? next time, we should all drive up to seattle on the one. :) that is something i’d like to do someday :)

Glad you had a great time in the US Sam, WPPI was worth every cent for me, as I’m sure it was for you :)

Wonderful images Samm! It was such a treat to meet you. I’ve been listening to Amy Seeley on repeat ever since :) Can’t wait until next year!!!

Gorgeous photos from the good old USofA!! Seems like you had a great time!