The reason I go to the USA every year is to attend WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) in Vegas. Basically its a photography tradeshow and with lots of photography classes. The best bit about going is that I get to catch up with all my photographer friends from around the globe. Vegas + friends + parties = a mighty fine time that does not involve getting much sleep for a week. The Airhorns and Lasers Party was absolutely awesome! Jesh de Rox and Amy Seeley played early in the evening and the flashdance had me dancing all night long! Three of my favorite music people in one night! ah! good times! :) Check out more from airhorns and lasers.

I may or may not be in the below video having a shot of… some water ;)

airhorns & lasers from stillmotion on Vimeo.

THE airhorns & lasers video!! from matt miller on Vimeo.


that dark haired girl in the photos. she looks really drunk. =)

miss you both.

I woke up dreaming of Perth today. In late November…and thinking of your smiling face so I came to your blog and saw my smiling face–hahahahaha!!! Is that a sign? Am I meant to go to Perth?? Now if only a big bag of money would fall from the sky.

Miss you. This night was AWESOME!!!

I’m going next year, for sure.

‘Twas good to see you both.