I went to Bali for a wedding a few months back and took some pictures. These are two favorites from an afternoon scouting expedition.


I could stare at the top one all day… really nice.

The last photo on an initial glance looks very average at first… but after you think about it for a few seconds, I believe it to be very good. you can tell there was a very festive time has by the remains on the ground… you can almost imagine it all :)

Beautiful. I’m really drawn to the second one. There’s something really perfect about looking at the colors in a seemingly everyday scene.

The first photograph is beautiful, I love the muted tones, very relaxing and peaceful!

wow. beautiful colors on that first one. second one says a lot, too

Thank you for sharing the beauty of Bali to the world (in a very interesting perspective). Great shots.

The offerings found on the streets in Bali are so beautiful, even here when they’ve been knocked over. Bali is a dream :)

such a contrast! selling the top picture in your shoppity shop? :) :)

That sea shot is so eye catching!

I’d love that first one as a print on my wall, it’s so soothing. Beautiful :)