{currently overseas} heading to the us of a!


Tomorrow I am heading to the US for a month.. yippie doodah! Today I photographed an amazing wedding and now just downloading and backing up their images but I am already in holiday mode! It’s not really a holiday though, its all a business trip.. honest!! Have I ever mentioned I have the best job in the entire universe?? I am the luckiest person… when I was little, I wanted a job that I could have complete creativity, self employed, incorporate my love of interior and graphic design and oh get to travel the world!  I have all of this and a whole lot more :) This is my second trip to the USA in 6 months. I spent last August in San Francisco being part of an amazing photography workshop and shot a wedding with Jose Villa. Tomorrow I head back to the USA, spending the next 4 weeks in LA, Vegas, San Diego and Santa Barbara. The main purpose of the trip is to attend the WPPI conference. Which is basically a huge photography expo with many workshops and all things related to pro photography. I have many friends from around the world attending and we all get to hang out for over a week to learn and be inspired from each other. If your going to WPPI, leave me a comment so we can meet up, always love meeting new people, especially lovely blog stalker types ;)

While I am away, I will be posting about my trip on here, but if you are on facebook or on twitter, add me and you can hear about all my adventures and see more photos! What is twitter you ask? Its like a micro form of blogging, like blogs, its totally addicting. You can find all random things about me there ;) You can find my twitter page here and you can find me on facebook here.

So while I am away, I will not be reachable by my mobile. I even have to turn my voicemail off because it gets rather expensive paying international fees for each time somebody leaves me a message. With the amount of phone calls I get each day, I would be surely broke before I return. When I got back from the US last year, I was greeted with a $2500 bill. not fun! So if you would like to schedule a meeting with me, book a wedding or just have a enquiry, the best way to get in contact with me is via email. I will be checking my email most days. If the matter is really of urgent importance, please text message me and I will get in contact with you as soon as I can.

Oh I highly recommend watching this. no matter what anybody may ever say, always remember you are amazing :)


As a fellow photographer, I just wanted to say I love your work!

Enjoy your trip but text your Mother every day!

hey samm,
looking forward to seeing you again. let’s meet up.

Call me if you’re coming through OC! I’d love to meet you! You’re work is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for the inspiration and keep ROCKIN!!! :)

hey samm! have fun there ya!:) catch up on ur return leg ya:)

Btw, tht video ROCKS!! thanks for sharing such a beautiful video.

Cool! My Sis and I are headed down from Oregon to check out the trade show, but mainly to mingle for a couple days! We are stoked…hope to meet you and many other talented people :)

safe travels! i hope to cross paths with you (love your work) and maybe share a glass of wine while in vegas. my girlfriend and i are staying at the MGM Grand. you?

That’s awesome! I will be at WPPI! I would love to meet you :) Have fun in the states :)