January 24, 2013

instagram life


I am on Instagram. Everyone is on instagram. It definitely opened my eyes up and made me look at the world in new and interesting ways. It makes plane rides more fun and long taxi rides less boring. It connects me with talented people all over the world and lets me see the daily happenings of my family & friends wherever they may be. My mum can track me, she can find out I am still alive and does not have to wonder where on earth I am.

I love finding new people to follow and inspire me, through their adventures, art or daily happenings.

You can follow along my adventures at @sammblake




Instagram has done the same for me: made me slow down and look at the world in a whole new way.

its nice to hear someone talk about Instagram in a positive way these days. Your photographs are beautiful and you are right, its such a great platform to meet people and share life with them via!

Beautiful. I just followed you! I adore following photographers on instagram because their feeds tend to be more engaging than my friends’ lunch and coffee pictures ;)

Crinkle’s snowy white nose made the cut! See? She is your favourite!!!! xx

Lovely! I’m so addicted to instagram, but sometimes I can’t keep up with the amount of uploads people make.
Love the photo of you and your hair flying everywhere, and the bottom one of the person’s shadow.