jaisalmer {india}


The above photos were taken in Jaisalmer, which is a town near the Pakistan border in Rajasthan, in the north west of India. I absolutely loved this place. I think it was my favorite place in all of my travels around India.

I’ve started to go through my old travel photos. Its been interesting going through all my old film and seeing it all again with new eyes. Images I completely dismissed when I got the films back from the lab and never bothered scanning in. All my old travel photos are shot on my beautiful Mamiya 6 with medium format film. When I went traveling, I packed 200 rolls of medium format film. An entire backpack of film. These rolls of film went everywhere, up the great wall of china, through the sweltering heat of the Rajasthan desert, midnight treks through Harlem and through a billion xray machines. They did not fair well. Of all the dangerous situations my precious rolls of film were put through, it was the airport xray machines I think did the most damage. This was at the time when all the bombings were going on and security was at a all time high. After one too many arguments with security about hand checking my film, I eventually gave up and hoped for the best.. Now a few years on and my photoshop skills have improved ten fold, I am able to give some of these photos a new life.


Wow 200 rolls. I remember airport security and film… not the best combo.

Oh! I remember those days! How frustrating! Great images :)